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APPLOTAN Floodlight Mounting Brackets

Floodlight Mounting Brackets are used to install single or multiple luminaires on walls or wooden/metal poles.

APPLETON ATX™ SBDC Series Strobe Lighting and Static Triple Indicator

ATX™ SBDC Series strobe lighting and static triple indicators designed for use in areas where audible signals cannot be heard, to warn of unsafe conditions and for other communication needs. Illuminated three stage indicator banks consist of interchangeable colored modules that can be coupled with two other modules for simultaneous lighting. Beacons are offered up to 15 joules, which maintain a remarkable 70% luminosity after eight million flashes. Various mountings, colors and guards are available. These flameproof lighting fixtures are designed for use in Zone 1-2 and 21-22 locations.

APPLETON Code•Master™ Factory Sealed Strobe Luminaires

Features Typical applications include hazardous locations such plants where plastics, paints, thinners and petrochemicals are manufactured and in other areas

APPLETON Stylmaster™ Strobe Luminaires

The Stylmaster™ Strobe is designed to warn of unsafe conditions and other communication needs in areas where audible signals cannot be heard. These enclosed and gasketed fixtures are suitable for Class I, Division 2/Zone 2 and Class II, Division 1 and 2 locations. The Stylmaster uses more than two flashes and light rotations per second to alert facility personnel of unsafe conditions or other communications that require visual cues.

APPLETON TVA Obstruction, Approach and Boundary Luminaires

TVA Obstruction, Approach and Boundary Luminaires are Transport Canada approved. These obstruction lights are suitable for use on communication towers or other tall structures and buildings

APPLETON EHLED Factory Sealed Handlamp

The Appleton™ EHLED is a general purpose explosionproof handlamp that is suitable for use in wet locations.

APPLETON ATX™ HLD Series Handlamps

ATX™ HLD Series Handlamps are designed to provide maintenance staff with portable lighting in hazardous locations. They are ideal for persons requiring task specific portable lighting.

APPLETON Code•Master™ 2 Emergency PLT Factory Sealed Luminaires

Code•Master™ 2 Emergency PLT Factory Sealed Luminaires provide a lighted means of egress for personnel in walkways, catwalks, stairs, doorways, tunnels, ramps and aisles. Designed as auxiliary (emergency) lighting these explosionproof and dust-ignitionproof luminaires provide "instant on" illumination during power failures.

APPLETON ATX™ FDES Series Self-Contained Emergency

ATX™ FDES Series Self-Contained Emergency Luminaires provide adequate lighting and/or visual indication of access on exit routes during an emergency evacuation in hazardous areas designated as Zone 1 and 2 – 21 and 22.

APPLETON N2LED Series Emergency Luminaires

The N2LED Series emergency system provides illumination for safe egress through doors, aisle-ways, stairs, walkways, exit paths, and outer perimeter walls during interruption of normal power. The non-metallic emergency egress lighting systems is available with up to two direct mounted lamps on the main or remote units. The system supports up to 4 light heads in any main/remote combination utilizing up to 6 Watts of output power. This allows for a main unit without any light heads to drive up to 4 remote units or any other combination of 4 lights. They provide 100% lumen output for 90 minutes of operation with four light heads or 180 minutes of operation with two light heads.

APPLETON ATX™ FDBAES LED Series Self-Contained Emergency

ATX™ FDBAES Series LED Luminaires provide emergency lighting in hazardous areas designated as Zone 1 and 2 – 21 and 22. These units are entirely self-contained in a flameproof enclosure, and include a built in automatic self-test system. Switched, unswitched, addressable switched and addressable unswitched versions are available.

APPLETON ATX™ PB Series Floodlights

ATX™ PB Series Floodlights keep large areas well lit and safe. These explosionproof and enclosed and gasketed floodlight are available for locations as cold as -40°C (-40°F) and as high as +55°C (+131°F). Our optional mounting, efficient light patterns and various wattages enable you to put the light you need, wherever you need it. We also use a ferromagnetic ballast for optimal energy efficiency, reduced power loss, higher light output and increased lamp service life.

APPLETON Areamaster™ 1000 Floodlights (For Ordinary Locations)

The Areamaster™ 1000 integrally ballasted floodlight provides efficient lighting large areas. This rugged, enclosed and gasketed fixture is ideal for use in industrial, non-hazardous environments. The Areamaster features a corrosion-resistant, a one piece, pressure cast, copperfree aluminum housing with an architectural bronze polyester finish. Its compound parabolic and double segment design, with an Alzak finished aluminum reflector, provides optimum light distribution and efficiency.

APPLETON Code•Master™ 2 HID Factory Sealed Floodlights

Code•Master™ 2 HID Factory Sealed Floodlights are integrally ballasted and designed for use in areas where ignitable vapors, dust, moisture and corrosive elements may be present. They are suitable for outdoor saltwater locations and other wet locations. They are ideal in Class I, Division 1 and 2 installations in refineries, pipeline transportation facilities, drilling rigs, production facilities and land or marine platforms.

APPLETON EF Series Explosionproof Floodlights

Features Typical applications include Class I, Groups C and D locations such as aircraft service areas, oil and gas loading

APPLETON Areamaster™ 1000 Floodlights (For Hazardous Locations)

Features Typical applications include pulp and paper mills, processing plants, chemical plants, oil refineries, foundries, storage areas, waste and sewage